Sunday, October 18, 2015

In the Election Tommorrow, Remember C-51

I had intended to post more on this blog over the summer and fall, but life got in the way. So just a quick note, before the election tomorrow.

This is a close 3 way race. Your vote counts more than it would typically. So if you're not planning to vote, please reconsider. And because it's likely to be a minority government, the Greens could be a powerful force, so don't take my saying that it's a 3 way race to mean "don't bother voting Green".

And when you vote, don't forget that this happened:

And that after that, the Liberals supported the legislation so as not to appear soft on terrorism going into an election campaign, while publicly stating that they didn't like the legislation and would amend it if elected.

Those who have read this blog know why I think we need to remember and impose some political consequences for parties (or individual MPs, but in this case, anyone who was a party member voted with their party) that support legislation like C-51.Please remind others who may have forgotten, or may be unaware.