Friday, March 27, 2015

Policy on Comments

UPDATE, 2015-04-13: I've enabled comments, with moderation. At first I was concerned that if I enabled comments, I'd be overwhelmed with the kind of comments that make me regret reading the comments section on news sites. After the first few weeks, since my viewership appears to be in the low double digits, I don't think that's going to be a problem. So now the friends of mine who appear to be most of the people reading this blog, get to comment! :)

Here's the original post...

Some people may have noticed that I've disabled comments on blog posts. This isn't because I want to stifle discussion (far from it), it's just that right now I don't have the time or energy to allow this to happen:

So, I won't be enabling comments. However, one useful function of comments is fact-checking, and I still want that to happen.

Note the difference between fact checking and opinion checking, though. I have opinions, I may slip a few in here and there, and debating opinions (although fun) is time consuming and messy, and I don't have time right now. But if I get a fact wrong, I want to know, so that I'm not accidentally spreading misinformation. So if you notice that I've got a fact wrong, e-mail me at, with a link to a reliable source of information which contradicts something I've posted. I'll send you something quick in reply like "message received", and depending on whether your source is good, I will (at my own discretion) edit the relevant post(s) and include an UPDATE: line at the top to indicate that an edit of substance has taken place. (By "edit of substance" I mean more than just fixing a typo, that the information in the post has changed significantly).