Saturday, April 11, 2015

I've finished listening to all the hearings - posts to come, and there are transcripts!

I've finished listening through the committee hearings. It was definitely interesting, and I have notes of several things I want to do posts on, but particularly interesting was the clause-by-clause review. Some of the legal experts from the Department of Justice were there to answer any questions the committee members may have, as each clause and the proposed amendments were discussed. Some of the nuances of the law that I wasn't aware of, became clearer.

Another thing I discovered: openparliament has trasnscripts of the committee hearings, not just the business in the house! Which means if you want to know what a particular person said (either witness or government member) you can easily find it. And I won't have to find and transcribe the bits I want to use in blog posts! :) the link is here: and up in the useful links section.

I'm going to do a post about OpenParliament, after this is all done. I thought at first that they were a government-run site, part of the "open data" movement I know governments are trying now. But, no - that site, which is incredibly useful if you want to track what our elected representatives are saying and doing, was the result of one volunteer programmer's efforts. (I'm sure he would say he had help, but for now I'm going to give him a lot of credit.)

Makes me think that maybe I should head up an website someday when I get time...