Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Vote Delayed One More Day - Final Vote Today

According to the transcript of yesterday's House proceedings, indexed on openparliament,ca:

 It being 5:30 p.m., pursuant to an order made earlier today, all questions necessary to dispose of the motion for third reading of Bill C-51 are deemed put and the recorded division is deemed to have been demanded and deferred until Wednesday, May 6, 2015, at the expiry of the time provided for government orders.
And according to the order paper for today, "the expiry of the time provided for government orders" looks like it means, at the latest, 5:30 PM, Ottawa time. Here is what time it is in Ottawa, so you can tell how that compares to your local time.

So that's how long you've got, before this bill gets voted on in the House for the final time. Speak to your MP now or forever hold your peace <-- not that. If this bill passes, don't forget that it happened. This law was made in a few months, and laws aren't forever, they can be unmade or changed by future governments when they don't make sense. I will be reposting the results of the vote, including who voted which way. There's an election soon. Hold your MPs accountable. They're there to represent you, not to just vote along party lines.

After the vote today, assuming it passes the House, the bill will still need to be voted on in the Senate. It could be stopped there, theoretically, but there's a Conservative majority there as well, so I'm not optimistic. But if it passes the House, I'll be talking to my province's Senators, and so should you.

Not sure who your MP is, or how to contact them? Find out here. They're just a phone call away.

Last night, I called Dominc Leblanc's office, and followed up with an e-mail (since it's hard to say exactly what you want to say on the spot while on the phone, and it's unlikely to be passed on accurately, because, well, there's a reason the game where one person says something to another who says something to another and it gets distorted is called "telephone".) The reason I contacted Dominc Leblanc's office is because:

  1. My MP already knows I exist, and has seen my presentation, and one of the people working in his office is following my blog. So, mission accomplished, there.
  2. Dominic Leblanc appears (from his parliamentary web page) to have a good deal of influence within the Liberal party, and they're the ones that are the swing voters in this situation. Also Elizabeth May suggested that he has some influence, in her presentation at St. Thomas University back in May.
  3. He's from New Brunswick, so as I'm a New Brunswick voter... I don't know how much difference that will make, actually, but it can't hurt.