Sunday, January 31, 2016

I made another presentation about C-51.

On January 19th, I had the privilege of presenting a lunch and learn session about the information sharing portions of C-51 (the first part, the Security of Canada Information Sharing Act) to the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) New Brunswick Chapter. It has taken me a little while to review the PowerPoint and clean up the speaking notes to more closely reflect what I actually said, as opposed to what I had written out beforehand. But that has been done now, and here are those presentations, with speaking notes. As always, anyone who wishes to is free to reuse this material, provided you attribute anything I've written to me, and don't attribute anything I've quoted from somewhere else to me, because I have relied heavily on the work of others and they deserve credit.

Here's a .pptx version, a .ppt version, and a .pdf version.

I have another presentation scheduled for mid February, this time on C-51 more broadly. I will post that up here as well. Given the new Liberal government has pledged to consult with Canadians and amend C-51, I hope that these materials can inform some of the debate around potential amendments to the bill. I would encourage all Canadian readers of this blog to go to an engagement session in their area if possible. I'll post more information about the process the government is following as I learn more about it. At the moment not a lot is known, although slide 14 does list what I knew as of January 19th.