Saturday, February 20, 2016

I made Another C-51 Presentation. This Time at a University!

Below I've linked the presentation I'm proudest of so far. Not because I delivered it in a stellar fashion (I mostly just read my speaking notes) but because I was given the opportunity to present to a university-level criminology course. I would like to thank Josephine Savarese for offering me that opportunity. I hope that maybe some of them (and some of you who are reading this) might participate in whatever public consultations the government engages in. They say they will hold full public consultations, and I will post here as soon as I hear anything more concrete than that about where and when.

On February 9th, I presented the material linked below to students of Criminology 3643: Terrorism: An Introduction. As always, feel free to share and reuse this material with appropriate attribution.

All files are located here.

I also like this presentation because over the past several months I've started reading Roach and Forcese's book about C-51, which gave me more of the historical context, and I was able to put that into the presentation. It's satisfying to place the current situation in a broader narrative, and readers of this blog may be interested in that broader narrative.